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Michel and Lisa Hold Birthday Parties

Isabelle Has 3rd Birthday

This is that wonderful day where the family celebrated Isabelle's third birthday in Elliicott City, Maryland. Happy Birthday to lovely girl.

Isabelle is smiling just like mommy does; this is her Day!

God is radiating his happiness through Isabelle's wonderful day

Mommy cuts her cake while all watch in amazement at what will be eaten shortly

GP watches Lisa talk to three happy sons (not hers). The happy guys each have different moms and they are Kyle, Christopher and Joshua.

Dad sees and watches son, Michel, slave over the hot grill !! ;-)

Gabbie likes to borrow GP's cane and walk around like she is in charge of the action.

We are watching the typical family decision process . . . we meet in the kitchen and reach monumental levels of discussion. This is one such meeting between Dale, Christianne, and Anne-Marie.

Gabbie got her piece . . . did you ????

Hope you injoyed the party as much as we did!

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