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St. Alphonsus Rodriguez Catholic Church,
10800 Old Court Road, Woodstock, Maryland 21163


The Pastor, Joseph P. Lacey, S.J. . . . is an apostle, disciple, shepherd and friend, . . . send him E-mail at

The Pastor . . .
Joseph P. Lacey, S.J.


Rev.Joseph R. Lerch, S.J., was our parish priest for ten years.
He passed away on January 29, 2004.

Joseph R. Lerch, S.J.

PLEASE, Include in Your Prayers: Fr. Joseph R. Lerch, S.J. click here
for the family tribute read by Betty Viscaonage at Fr. Lerch's funeral.

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ST. ALPHONSUS RODRIGUEZ PARISH in Woodstock, Maryland was founded by the Jesuits in 1869 and continues to serve God as a community of believers living the Gospel of the Risen Christ.

As a congregation united in the Catholic Faith, we recognize that each person is created in God`s image and, in the spirit of Vatican II, we welcome all to share in our celebration of Christ`s love for us. ST. ALPHONSUS is a faith community of people of all ages who pray, worship, and share in the grace of the sacraments. Through hospitality, service, and instruction in the teacing of Jesus Christ we grow spiritually and spread the joy of knowing our Lord and Savior to our children and neighbors.

CENTRAL TO our mission is communicating the GOOD NEWS OF THE RISEN LORD, JESUS CHRIST, welcoming the participation of all in the activities of the parish and the joy of the Eucharistic Celebration; providing education in the message of Christ`s love; and reaching out in love, justice and compassion to those in need.

WITH GRATITUDE for the rich heritage of our past, with a renewed commitment to be a living and growing community of faith, hope and love, and with openness to the challenges of the future, we invite all to give generously of themselves so that we may grow together and so fulfill our mission to be a living sign of God`s saving presence in our world today.

A brief but powerful prayer:
"Lord make sure there is always a vital connection
between my words and my deeds."

Do not hesitate to call the parish (410) 461-5267 and/or send fax to 410 750-7286.

Saint Alphonsus guides us.

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Please remember to say a prayer or two for the sick.


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