St. Alphonsus Rodriguez Annual Festival

Woodstock, Maryland

The Pastor . . .
Joseph P. Lacey, S.J.

Father thanks everyone who comes to the church festival . . . and THANKS ALL WHO WORK SO HARD GETTING READY, WORK DURING AND ALSO AFTER THE FAIR! GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU.

We have a great time at our annual fair in August and many of us eat succulent, Country Style Chicken & Ham Dinner (in a comfortable air conditioned dining room) PS. the cooks and servers do a wonderful job.

Please Join Your Friends and Neighbors

at Woodstock, Maryland

Here is the place to be for a real good time.

Saint Alphonsus guides us.

Join us each year for: * Food * Bingo * White Elephant Table * Country Store * Chance Wheels * 50/50 Raffle * Snowball Stand * Kiddies Train Ride * and Fun For all

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