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Dale and Annie's WEDDING

Married on St. Valentines Day 1998

As two hearts unite, may God enter into your holy union and consecrate the love that brings two people together. May you build together a lasting home, not of wood and stone and glass, but a mansion made of many rooms, filled with shared experiences and furnished with shared love . . . and from this day until forever, may the Lord remain with you always, to keep your love eternally young and your faith forever strong.

Where is she . . . keeping her guy waiting?
. . . just took a bit of time to get to the altar

Dale Williams and Anne-Marie Chausse
. . . having the rings blessed by God.

Dale Williams and Anne-Marie Chausse
do you take each other . . . YES

Dale Williams and Anne-Marie Williams
they got married . . . YES!

YES! They even look like MR & MRS

Joshua has a good friend too!

Maddie Chausse' is thinking about her future too!

Joshua and Christopher . . .
they are thinking ahead already.
They are checking pockets to see what they can afford!

Dale, Anne-Marie and Joshua
they plan and work the future together!

The Williams Family
Some really nice people.

More Chausse's are here!

Dad is happy to see daughter found the right guy!

Michel & Lisa say . . . what a wedding!

Happiness is here for Dale and Annie!
Just look at the great smiles will you!

This is the blind date that led to being hitched and then
off to Montana sunsets for a honeymoon.

Hope you liked the wedding as much as we did.

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This page was created October 1998 for Annie with love from Dad