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This Contains Ted and Diane's Family

Its Tough Living in Florida

Especially if a Politician

2007 Florida Cities of Excellence Awards Finalists, Diane won this category for work done in Interlachen, Florida . . . Congratulations Diane.

July 4th, 2005 Family Reunion
Lord Love Them All

You MUST have a current picture of the family BEFORE replacing the primates you see now!

  • There are eight families . . . Where are the other 4.5 faimilies below!!

  • Barb, Dwight, Nova, Adam

    Doers of the future; Adam married Tana; all getting educated.

    Tana and Adam were married
    in Florence, Kentucky.
    Grandmother snuck into this photo

  • Don & Karen (where??)

    Anthony . . . Don, where is Karen
    and Tiffany ?

  • Remember Applebees June 2003

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  • The Kirks

    Garrett, Doug & Terry . . . where is bass boat?

    Hi Garrett!
    24 May97 . . . Garrett makes Eagle Scout making parents and grandparents very, very proud! He is now a role model to younger scouts. Congratulations! Of course garrett remembers that his parents did a lot to get him here and to graduate as well.
  • The Professor, Netty & Guys

    Bret will protect us from Okinawa !

  • Applebees Two, June 2003 !

  • Applebees Three, June 2003 !

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