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This the family place for NEW happenings . . . keep checking for the latest developments. Here are some things being developed currently:


You MUST have a current picture of the family BEFORE replacing the primates you will see in some of the family pictures now! Of course if primates look better . . . then don't send replacements.

(1) Grandpa & Grandma's picture

(2) Leon and Pauline's family pictures

(3) Ted and Diane's family pictures. . . and keep your eyes open for Adam Culbertson's wedding right here.

(3.1) Take a look at who out-ranks a lot airmen in the Ohio and the Air Force by working very hard. We are all proud of you, Michele!

(4) Norbert and Susie's family pictures . . .

(4.1) Plus Ann-Marie and Dale's wedding pictures. . .

(4.2) Now for Michel & Lisa with their newest daughter, Gabrielle Anna Louise.

(4.3) Now for Isabelle Celebrates big number three. . . . she looked great!

(5) This is another Oklahoma group Uncle Del & family

(6) And not to forget . . . here is the Canadian Chausse family

If you have a special picture to be posted, send it for me to scan, digitize and post here by family room. I will return photo/picture in the same manner you send it; in fact, send postage paid envelope to help. Include any special captions to go with photo, but keep it clean . . . remember this is the family site with children. HURRY HURRY HURRY . . . you will be very pleased with the result!

All mail welcomed! Sad notes can be discussed with your parish priest/minister or send by regular mail with $25 donation. I promise to respond with sound advice and also promise to cry if sad enough!






Well . . . some of us do!

So, open the doors and travel around our family world as we pursue life with vigor.

The cost for this space runs between $5 and $10 per month for posting. Space on this server costs but is not being passed on. Although any small donations are gladly accepted. Donations are only made by those who might have some $$$ to spare. In this case send spare stuff and help us reach out to the whole world regardless of our family location.

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