Michel, Lisa, and their great kids!

This is the couple that spoke of a dozen, . . . well maybe nine, . . . but six sounds okay too. Whatever the final count, lets help them celebrate the arrival of number four!

Where is the . . . new girl wonder?
. . . patients a moment longer . . . lets look at the family of four first . . . as in the before stage of further growth.

  • Yep this is Michel & Lisa

    The Mom and Dad!

  • Maddie, Luc & Izzy (Cousin Joshua snuck in too) . . . are they ready for Gabrielle?

    This is the newest wonder girl
    . . . a light weight at 5 lbs 15 ounces born on February 9, 2000!

    YES . . . Lisa says, "She is a keeper"

    Well . . . Grand Dad Chausse says, "She is my Valintine Day grandchild! I love her as much as the other grand kids . . . and that's one heck of a lot.

    YES! . . . Michel is home caring for the first three and could he be saying, When/where do we place an order for another one? Maybe for another boy?

    Sure do hope you like this early debutant's coming out! We will just have to keep watching for what happens next.

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    This page was created February 9, 2000 for Gabrielle and her family!