Leon and Pauline's homepage with their children and their children, pictured as primates until photos received, questions, airline complaints, people, cattle, flights, flight schedules, hubs, restaurants, machines, airplanes, jet age, luggage rules, regulations, injuries, hurt, speed, loaded, crowded seating, movement, hit and run, handicapped, change schedules, change connections, wheel chairs, fish and cattle cannery, food service, if snacks use picnic bags when loading airplane, loading passengers time versus unloading passengers time, treatment of people, schedules, airline economics versus people accommodations, costs versus comfort, training, training, training on people comfort, not cattle movements.

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This is Leon and Pauline's Family

The King and Queen of Okahoma

You MUST have a current picture of the family BEFORE replacing the primates you see now!

  • Now for seven more families and Leon JR!!

    Jean-Paul, Daira, Giselle and Nicole
    Jean-Paul is AF commissioned officer

  • Beauty can be so tenuous!

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    Richard and Mary

  • The Wild West with Michael & Dakota!
    the guy . . . must be Wyatt Erp !

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