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Hello . . . Delta Airlines, friendly employees and senior management

  • Simon Nathan is a young 77 year old and is one of your long term custormers . . . Delta ff #2045604333. What in the name of God did he ever do to deserve being ignored and treated like someone who never flies with you ?

  • Mr. Nathan says, HAPPILY I AM A SENIOR. I AM ALSO A DELTA MILLION MILER (only 1.6 million miles) AND PLATINUM MEDALLION PERSON IN LESS THAN TEN YEARS. IN 1997, I FLEW OVER 104,000 BASE MILES. What does this get Simon?? Delta DECIDED that senior coupons would no longer be honored for upgrades . . . no matter how man miles you flew with them! You people are not helping him one little bit!

  • Delta basically told him, "TAKE YOUR PLATINUM MEDALLION BENEFITS AND SHOVE 'EM". He complains that you "WANT HIM TO SIT IN THE BACK OF THE (air)BUS". What would you do if this happens to you, asks SIMON NATHAN?

  • Are there people issues here or is it new airline policy that forgets to take care of those who were faithful to you for so many years and miles ? GIVE the guy upgrade coupons NOW; give the man another chance to fly properly.

  • Can policy and/or regulations force changes that shun such a trusting and faithful person ? Maybe it is because he is to old to fly ? Tell this one to Senator John Glenn, same age, who just flew a few miles in a shuttle spacecraft!

  • WHY . . . WHY . . . WHY . . . are you not helping this man get his deserved treatment ?

  • I FOR ONE and others reading this should not fly with Delta until Delta corrects the situation. Watch this space for the word on what Delta does/ does not do! See Delta high mileage grafiti on their own site at According to what is there . . . Simon is owed big time and Delta is not living up to the printed word.

  • What are you going to do Delta Airlines ? Frenchie, Simon and 2,000 to 3,000 other flyers who view this material each week are asking. If a reader of this cares to inform Delta of their mistake . . . call Delta Reservations and SkyMiles Enrollment at 1 800 323-2323 and let them in on the address (URL) for this site and its information. This should make them most happy to hear how PLEASED the public is with their action and/or lack of action.

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    This page is dated January 1999.